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The way back home

Why your sheep have quit coming

You would be amazed at how many people would attend their church again if the pastor would simple pay them a personal visit.

One hundred percent of your absent flock members would return if you, not your staff, would personally pay them a visit and enquire of their need.

One hundred percent of those who left in a huff would return if you would personally visit them.

One hundred percent of those who left because they were offended would return if you would personally visit them.

When I think of all the people who have left my church, I am amazed to think of how full are church would be if the lead pastor would simply pay a visit to the missing flock.

Missing sheep need to feel that they are missed. And sending someone in “the system” to visit them, does not give them a sense of inclusion. Just administration.

If you really want to ensure that that absent lamb returns, then…be a shepherd! Go and get them yourself.

Right now, a bunch of you ministers are saying something like “Well, I just  can’t. I mean, I’m busy.” Okay. So busy doing what?

Working behind a computer? Working on a sermon about reaching the lost lamb?

The church is tired of pastors who don’t smell like sheep. That’s no shepherd.

If you want your congregation to commit to church attendance, then you need to commit to your congregational members, individually. Personallly. As in “in the flesh”. You need to be involved in their lives, and  you need to care. When you are involved in their lives and care, then they will be personally involved in your life.

It’s been said:

People who come to church on Sunday morning love the Lord.

People who come to church on Sunday evening love the church.

And people who come to church on Wednesday night love their pastor.

But how many pastors even HAVE a Wednesday night service? Or if they do, how many pastors preach the sermon or even show up to hear it? Yet the absent pastor wants the sheep more involved.

I know that many pastors think, “Why would I have a mid-week service? The sheep would never come”

The answer is “the sheep will come when they are close to their pastor”.

seek and save the lost

Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

Preaching to lost souls may be easy, but seeking them is another story.

Pastor, have you looked for the lost lately?

Have you knocked on any doors or invited anyone to church?

Or do you live in a bubble?

If you church isn’t growing, why not sent your people out once a week in groups of two to knock on doors and invite people?

Better yet, why don’t YOU personally knock on 100 doors this week and introduce yourself? No other pastor may ever knock on their door in their entire lifetime. Believe me, that will speak to them.